• ► production of books and publications

    We are able to prepare, process and produce books and publications of all extents by customer’s assignment.
    We will prepare texts, their processing (respectively language editing of delivered texts), translations into foreign languages, photographs and their editing, corrections, setting, layout, print and delivery to the required address.

  • ► production of periodicals for firms

    Do you need a firm magazine, a community magazine, a fanzine or just a bulletin?
    We are prepared to work out all things connected with its production.
    All-round preparation from the language processing of texts, photographs and their editing, translations and corrections up to the layout, setting, print and delivery to the required address.

  • ► production of printed publicity materials

    Preparation and production of printed materials of all formats (from leaflets and folders to brochures, maps, respectively books). You can either deliver prepared material or print files, or just tell us your idea.

  • ► texts, layout and photographs

    Quickness, experience, professionalism and the technological background of the printing works directly in our building are competitive advantages which you will not find anywhere else in the region.

  • ► translation services

    We will ensure for you translations of your texts into foreign languages including corrections by native speakers.

  • ► production of billboards, advertising boards and banners

    We are able to design and deliver the above mentioned media of all sizes and materials by your assignment or based on your idea.

  • ► date banks - Karlovy Vary region

    We own regularly updated date banks of services, programme columns of cultural, social and sporting events in the spa towns of the Karlovy Vary region (restaurants, hotels, night life, cinemas, theatres, galleries, museums, exhibitions, sporting events etc.) We offer personalised printed materials and distribution by your wish.

  • ► distribution of printed materials

    The publishing company has its own distribution network - about 180 places in Karlovy Vary and further 150 places in the whole region of Karlovy Vary. We will help you to distribute your products at advantageous prices. It depends on the agreement between you and our business department.