The magazine Promenáda

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PROMENÁDA - your partner in the spa for 24 years already

All important information from Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Františkovy Lázně and Jáchymov.

Distribution to all important hotels, directly to the rooms of spa visitors

Are you coming to West Bohemian spas on a trip, on holiday, to take a cure or are you the lucky one who lives in one of the spa towns?

The Promenáda will always be your good companion, adviser and guide.

You can find the following in the magazine:
  • ► interesting places in spa towns
  • ► mineral springs
  • ► history
  • ► cultural programmes
  • ► social life
  • ► trips
  • ► hotels
  • ► restaurants
  • ► important contacts
  • ► maps

Regional hotels, businessmen, restaurants and companies offering first-rate services or products advertise in the magazine.

We will also provide you with interesting publications about spa towns with maps.

We believe that the magazine Promenáda will offer you all necessary information you might need in a spa town.

Spa Publishing team