About the company

The company Spa Publishing Ltd. took over all activities of original Promenáda Publishing p.c. on the 1st January 2014. The aim of the change is to make the Promenáda magazine, which has a tradition of 23 years in the region, a modern media, to improve its design and competitiveness. We offer other improvements which will bring better possibilities of presentation to advertisers and quality services to readers.
The editorial team continues working in the original composition. Managed by a new editorial board, they will constantly try to improve the quality of services and the information value of the magazine.

Since the 1st February 2014 the editorial team has had their seat in renovated rooms at the following address:

Truhlářská 486/15, 360 17 Karlovy Vary

on the 1st floor of the printing works Polypress Ltd.

Connecting the editorial room with the graphic studio and the printing works will make production communication faster and services will be extended by new products.

Contacts can be found here