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Welcome on the sites of the publishing company Spa Publishing Ltd.


We offer spa visitors and tourists a number of products which provide them with valuable information during their stay in the West Bohemian spa.

  • ► magazines Promenáda and Spa Tips
  • ► a guide to the town Step By Step
  • ► maps
  • ► publications
  • ► information


Entrepreneurs are offered a unique possibility of presenting their services and goods.

  • ► Information monthly Promenáda appears in an edition of 8-10 thousand copies and it is the only medium which is distributed to the rooms of prestigious hotels apart from the most important places.
  • ► Spa Tips Magazine appears in an edition of 15 thousand copies every three months and is distributed to most hotels and information centres every month.

Advertising in these media has therefore an impact in the whole region and is used by prestigious firms which are aware of the importance of these media.


We are ready to meet your demanding requirements, do not therefore hesitate and contact us with your needs.